Live call-in show: Valentine’s Day is a good time to remind your loved ones you care. This hour, we open the phone lines and invite Vermonters to share messages of love and appreciation. Who’s brightening up your life these days? Whether it’s a new crush or an old flame, let them know.

We'll hear from some young Vermonters who explain their tradition of sharing valentines with everyone who has a mailbox at the Elmore Post Office. We'll also hear about the Seven Days personal section and get some tips on celebrating singlehood. And we'll hear from a couple who is about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Our guests are:

  • Uma and Violet, second graders at the Elmore School, with Diane Nicholls, their teacher
  • Jeff Baron, designer and circulation deputy at Seven Days
  • Katie Hoar, licensed clinical social worker at Firefly Counseling in Waterbury
  • Rick and Chichi Barrett, Richmond residents who have been married for nearly 50 years

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