Creativity Coaching

"If you’re alive, you’re a creative person."
- Liz Gilbert

Make Something Beautiful

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Deal with Doubt

Do you have a snake in your head telling you you’re not worthy of making art? Doubt will stop you in your tracks before you even begin. Learn how to tame that snake so you can become the artist you long to be.

Get unstuck

All makers encounter the creative block at some point in their work. Learn how to meet your stuckness with curiosity and find new ways to get your creative energy flowing again.

Try something new

Give yourself permission to be a bad artist. To create something for the experience, not the product. To create with abandon like a little kid who is proud of anything they draw, or sing, or dance. Remember the simple joy of trying something new.

You feel stuck in your creative work. Maybe partway through a project, everything went dark. Or you have yet to start, a beautiful idea nagging you to make something.

Either way, you are not sure how to get the ball rolling (again). I can help you take off. Together, we will find new ways to understand and relate to the work you are dying to make, new avenues to be the artist or maker you long to be.

“Why give up before we try?"

-Alicia Keys